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60,000+ clients have already chosen Mchost

The history of the successful development of Mchost

Amazingly fast and incredibly reliable premium hosting is Mchost!

Mchost has been providing premium hosting services since 2004. At the moment, the client base includes more than 50,000 clients who have entrusted us to ensure the full and uninterrupted functioning of their Internet resources.

The technical base of Mchost's own equipment consists of more than 1000 of the most advanced modern Dell servers equipped with SSD drives and meeting all modern requirements.

Mchost successfully cooperates with individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, well-known online projects, large investment companies, banks and government agencies of various levels and complexity.

We proudly consider it our mission to provide the highest class service and satisfy the needs of our demanding clients.
50 000
Mchost's client base has over 50,000 clients.
1 000
The technical base of Mchost consists of more than 1,000 servers.
The total bandwidth of Mchost channels in Russia is 300 Gbps.

Why do clients with different tasks and needs choose Mchost?

Mchost details

Ltd "Mchost", INN 7721698218, KPP 770701001, OGRN 1107746545807

Address: 127055, Moscow, st. Novoslobodskaya, 55, building 1

Account: 40702810638120013540 in PJSC Sberbank, Moscow
Cor. account: 30101810400000000225, BIC 044525225

Phone +7 916 2638737 for couriers and for questions related to documents (contracts, invoices, acts).

We use the electronic document management system Kontur Diadoc. Our ID is 2BM-7721698218-772101001-201503241005257137909