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Select storage size for your backups

Storage 1

1 Gb
16 Gb
5 ₽/month for 1 Gb
20 a per month 18.34 a per month Order


Storage 2

10 Gb
1010 Gb
2 ₽/month for 1 Gb
50 a per month 45.84 a per month Order

Features of renting a place for backups in Mchost

Discounts when paying the backup service for a year
The data is stored in a reliable TIER III data center
Technical Support
Technical support 24/7
We will always help
On request, it is possible to configure backups by our specialists

How to set up your backup

  • Select the required amount of disk space
  • Sign up and pay for services in the billing panel
  • Get access to the backup server via FTP or SSH
  • Set up a backup yourself or create a request to set up backups by our experts

Backup service

Backup at Mchost is a service of creating site backups on a special backup server. Backups may be required in different cases, for example:

  • When you update the theme/template/plugin of the CMS. During the update process, various errors may occur, so it is recommended to make a backup copy of the site in advance for quick data recovery.
  • If personal data of users is collected on a website, then this data must be kept secure: it must not only be protected from theft, but also from complete loss. A backup service can help with this.
  • Site files can be damaged beyond repair in cases of hacking or infection with certain viruses.

Therefore, constant timely backups are a guarantee of data storage reliability. Otherwise, they might be lost forever. The cost of a backup service at Mchost starts at 20 rubles per month for 1 GB of disk space.

About Mchost

Mchost is a hosting provider that has been on the market since 2004. In addition to the backup service, we offer our customers virtual hosting, VPS/VDS on Linux and Windows Server, lease of dedicated servers, issuance of SSL certificates, domain name verification and registration.

Support specialists work 24x7 without days off and holidays. In order to contact technical support, you need to create a request in a handy online ticket system: it will be processed within 10 minutes on average. Convince yourself of the quality of our services!


  • What is a backup?

    Backup to Mchost is a service of creating a copy of website data on a special backup server, which is designed to restore this data in case of damage or loss.

  • Why do you need to backup websites?

    Backups are needed primarily to protect site data. For example, if your project is being hacker attacked, then if a hack is suspected, you need to save a backup copy of the site and database.

  • Who is the backup service suitable for?

    For all site owners who have shared hosting with any hosting provider. The client does not have to pay for hosting at Mchost: he equally gets access to the service and his backups.

  • How are backups secured?

    Backups are stored using certified high-end equipment and one of the most reliable TIER III level data centers, which ensures the safety of copies of your site.

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