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100% security of your websites will be ensured by an SSL certificate

What is SSL sertificate

SSL certificate — a unique digital signature of the site, which provides data exchange between the site and visitors' computers via the secure HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol. The SSL certificate of an online store or any other commercial site itself guarantees the security of financial transactions and the transfer of confidential information. For this reason, it is an essential factor in the ranking of the site in search engines and ensures the growth of the number of your customers.

Sertificate Cost per year
AlphaSSL ( and 2650a (≈ $30.29)
AlphaSSL (for all * subdomains) 10500a (≈ $120)

If you are already our client, then you can easily order a certificate in the control panel. If you want to purchase a certificate without ordering hosting services, you need to sign up.

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