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Promotional materials

Attract attention and build trust in your company by using partner signs, logos or McHost banners on your website. We have various informers from which you can choose the right one for you. Just download a convenient format and install it on your web resource. This is an easy way to attract potential customers and show the quality of the IT services provided.

The Makhost logo

The current version of the Makhost logo

For a light background

For a dark background

Partner Sign

Large color sign, 247×84

For a light background

For a dark background

Small plain sign, 178×54

For a light background

For a dark background

Unique premade banners

Download our promo banners for your site

Download zip archive
mchost banner 1
mchost banner 2
mchost banner 3
mchost banner 4


  • What are promotional materials?

    Promotional materials are tools for promoting products or services. They consist of various types of advertising materials, such as banners, logos, partner signs, etc. Promotional materials help to create a recognizable brand image and attract the attention of customers.

  • What promotional materials does McHost offer?

    On McHost you will find several promotional materials in different formats for your business. They include banners, logos and partner signs. You can choose the appropriate materials and use them to promote your company.

  • How can I get promotional materials from McHost?

    To receive promotional materials from the McHost website, you need to go to the corresponding “Promotional Materials” page. There you will find available informers and will be able to download them according to your needs.

  • Can I use McHost promotional materials for my brand or website?

    Yes, McHost promotional materials are intended to be used to promote the Makhost brand or related services. However, before using promotional materials, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the rules of use on the Makhost website.

  • What formats of promotional materials are available on the McHost?

    On McHost you will find promotional materials in PNG and SVG formats. On the promotional materials page you will find the appropriate formats for each informer.

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