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Ispmanager 6 lite

Ispmanager allows you to
  • Manage hosting, VPS.
  • Work with website.
  • Modify PHP settings.
  • Create mailboxes.
  • Create backups.

Cost 399 ₽/month (≈ $4.56)

How to buy a license for ispmanager 6 lite


Sign up.


Go to the “Services” section in the control panel.


Select ispmanager 6 lite and click “Order”.


Pay the license.

License for ispmanager 6 lite

Ispmanager 6 lite is a commercial panel for managing a web server and other related programs through a web interface. It was created by Russian developers in 2021. It can be used to manage:

  • websites;
  • databases;
  • accounts;
  • mailboxes;
  • backups.

You can buy ispmanager 6 lite at Mchost: to do this, register or place an order from the billing panel (if you are already our client). The licensed version of ispmanager 6 lite will open up all the possibilities for convenient hosting management: DNS management, SSL certificate installation, PHP version selection and other necessary functions.

Advantages and disadvantages of ispmanager 6 lite

Ispmanager is one of the most famous and popular VDS control panel or dedicated Linux server in Russia and the CIS. Its advantages include a wide range of supported software and low cost. It provides handy tools for creating users, sites, domains, email addresses, and more. Its disadvantages include closed source code. You need to purchase a paid license to use the panel. When purchasing a VPS at Mchost, the ispmanager 6 lite license is paid separately.

About us

Mchost is a hosting provider that has been operating since 2004. From us you can order the following types of services:

  • shared hosting;
  • virtual dedicated servers;
  • VPS;
  • domain Registration;
  • SSL-Certificates;
  • software Licenses.

You can participate in our partnership program and receive from 20% of the paid orders of clients you attracted via a special referral link. Our regular promotions: discounts when paying for hosting for a long period, the opportunity to receive a domain as a gift, a month of hosting as a gift when switching from another provider.


  • What is ispmanager 6 lite?

    Ispmanager 6 lite is a web hosting control panel. It is needed to configure the server, manage sites, databases, mailboxes, and perform other settings.

  • I don't need hosting. Can I order ispmanager 6 lite separately?

    Yes. We have provided the ability to purchase the necessary software licenses in the control panel of your personal account. So, the purchase is also possible for those who do not need hosting services.

  • Why buy a license for ispmanager?

    Ispmanager is, first of all, a commercial product. It is distributed on a paid basis. Therefore, in order to use it legally, you must purchase a licensed version.

  • I can use ispmanager only on your VPS?

    No. We also provide templates with a free control panel Fastpanel.

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