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Register domain .РФ

The .РФ domain is a national top-level domain for Russia. The first Cyrillic domain on the Internet. Registration of names in this zone began on November 25, 2009 with restrictions, and starting from November 11, 2010, it began to be carried out openly. With us you can register a domain in the .РФ zone. When ordering hosting with it, you participate in the promotion: pay for shared hosting or VDS services for 1-3 years in advance and get free registration or renewal of one domain name in the .РФ zone. Details and restrictions can be found on the Promotions page.

Zone features .РФ

  • Only Cyrillic letters, numbers, hyphens are allowed.
  • If there is no Russian layout on the keyboard, you can type the address:
  • using the virtual keyboard;
  • transliteration to Cyrillic conversion service;
  • in Latinic using punycode.
  • Website address in native language is easier to remember and reproduce.
  • Keyword can be included in the domain name.

With us you can register domain names in more than 50 zones, choose hosting or simply participate in the partnership program and receive money from orders paid by attracted customers.


  • What is a subdomain and how to create one?

    A subdomain is an independent domain name that is part of a higher-level domain. For example:

    • — domain;
    • — subdomain.

    On a shared hosting account, you can create a subdomain in the control panel.

  • How to register a domain via the control panel?

    Go to the control panel and on the main page click on the “Domain Registration” icon. To do that, there must be sufficient funds in your account balance.

  • Why might my domain not work?
    • You have registered a domain name with our company. Your domain may not have registered on all DNS servers yet. Please wait 4-24 hours.
    • You registered not with our company. You need to change NS-servers to ours and wait 4-24 hours.
  • Is the domain reserved right after the order is placed?

    No. There are currently no reservations available. The domain is registered only after payment for its registration.

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