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1C-Bitrix: Site Management — Business

Suitable for:
  • Online stores with complex functionality.
  • Unlimited amount of websites.
  • High-quality advertising and web analytics.
  • Projects of any complexity.

Cost 83 900(≈ $958.86)

Bonus to the account 8 390 ₽

How to buy a license for CMS 1C-Bitrix: Business


Sign up.


In the control panel, go to the “CMS Licenses”, section.


Select the required edition of 1C-Bitrix CMS and order it.


Pay the license and get a bonus to your account.

What's Included in the license


  • Main module.
  • Sites24.
  • 2 websites.
  • ∞ page amount.
  • Structure management.
  • Info blocks.
  • Highload blocks.
  • Search.
  • Translation.
  • Forums and blogs.
  • Photo gallery 2.0.
  • Social net.
  • Education, testing.
  • Web messenger.
  • Business processes.
  • Mail.
  • Technical Support.
  • Calendars.
  • Document flow.
  • Universal Lists.
  • Wiki knowledge base.
  • I have an idea! service.

Online store

  • Shopping catalog.
  • CRM integration.
  • Store Management Master.
  • Warehouse management ∞.
  • Currencies.
  • Report Designer.
  • Orders distribution between company branches.

Security and Mobility

  • Cloud Storages.
  • Auto backup to the cloud: 10 GB.
  • Marketplace.
  • DDOS protection.
  • MySQL database.
  • Proactive Defense.
  • Mobile platform.
  • Online store mobile application.
  • Push & Pull Technology.


  • SEO module.
  • Social services.
  • Bitrix24 integration.
  • Web forms.
  • Polls.
  • Subscription and mass mails.
  • A/B testing.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Advertising.
  • Web Analytics.


  • Composite Site.
  • Compression.
  • Monthly CDN traffic: 40 GB.
  • Allowed number of servers is 1.
  • Performance Monitor.
  • Visual scaling.
  • Conversion pulse.
  • Web Services.

1C-Bitrix support and consulting

  • Technical Support.

1C-Bitrix license: Site management - Business

CMS 1C-Bitrix: Business — designed for companies that own advanced online stores, many sites or other large projects. The capabilities of this edition are significantly different from cheaper analogues. “1C-Bitrix: Business” allows to:

  • create and develope own social networks;
  • organize a corporate technical support service on your website;
  • create distant learning courses for employees;
  • manage business trips, vacations, bill payments and other business processes.

This is only a small part of 1C-Bitrix: Business functionality. You can buy a licensed version on our website: you can order it in the control panel, provided that you have already become our client. If you want a license without hosting services, then you need to register at the Constructor tariff.

1C-Bitrix Buisness advantages

  • Suitable for complex projects.
  • More tools and modules to work with the website.
  • Possibility to manage banners and sell ads.
  • The “Web Analytics” module, with which you can analyze all the main site indicators.

About Mchost

We have been operating since 2004 and offer our clients hosting services, domain registration, issuance of SSL certificates and sale of licenses for CMS. We are leaders in well-known ratings, we are trusted by over 50,000 customers. We have favorable conditions for the partnership program: you can receive from 20% of the paid orders of customers who have registered using your referral link.


  • What is 1C-Bitrix CMS?

    1C-Bitrix CMS is a commercial content management system. With its help, you can create almost any site, add images to pages, change texts and any other content.

  • Why buy a 1C-Bitrix: Business license?

    1C-Bitrix: Business is primarily a commercial product. It is distributed on a paid basis. Therefore, to use it legally, you need to purchase a licensed version.

  • What are the advantages for purchasing 1C-Bitrix: Business?

    When you first order a license, you will receive a bonus to your account.

  • Which hosting plan can be used for 1C-Bitrix CMS?

    You can use any shared hosting plan, but we recommend paying attention to the special one hosting for Bitrix.

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